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Our vision for the Nekoverse community is centered around one principle: player experience first. The purpose is to grow a strong player base to consolidate the foundation for future DAOs. Therefore, after the introduction of Discord Nekonomy, it’s time to establish a Guild System for many different purposes.

Brief Introduction

On the Nekoverse Discord server, guilds are organized groups of like-minded players, banding together for the same purposes, be it hanging out with new friends or unlocking exclusive guild features. Guild Masters on our Discord server will be able to keep the title when logging into the Nekoverse game and will receive certain incentives and perks to establish in-game DAOs.

Discord Guild Features

  1. Exclusive Quest Line: Connected closely to the Nekonomy, guilds have their own special questline for members to earn additional ASF daily and weekly. Quests are simple and fun missions for members to complete within a period of time. But the real purpose other than entertainment is promoting social bonding among Nekozens, so we’ll focus on quests that encourage them to open up to others on the server.
  2. Server-Wide Contests: Guilds can participate in weekly competitions against other organizations. The dominant guild on the server leaderboard will have its place of honor, other than prize rewards for each guild member. One thing we’ve noticed in past events is that only a small number of people from each team actively participate in the event, so we will try our best to design future contests in a way to incentivize mass collaboration between guild members.
  3. Independent Territories: Each guild has its own category within the Nekoverse server. Guild Masters can manage the channel system within their own guild and protect their privacy from outsiders. We think it’s best to empower guilds with some of the administration permissions like this to prepare for future DAOs.
  4. Guild Treasury: A community ASF wallet of each guild that receives a certain amount of passive income to fund all guild activities. Decisions behind all the funding should belong to all guild members through an internal voting system and Guild Masters are responsible to execute and monitor them.
  5. Exclusive Guild Items: We intend to introduce some new products in our Nekonomy store that require buyers to belong to one of the guilds. The ideas are still rough sketches, but they should be things that give Nekozens a reason to be proud of their organization.

Guild Establishment Process

To pick out the most elite organizations of all Nekoverse, we implemented a selection process called Guild Establishment Week. The agenda is as follow:

  • Guild Application: Nekozens who wanted to form guilds could purchase a Guild Proposal from our store for 500 ASF. After that, they can access a guild application channel to be able to submit their proposal attached with a logo. The best guilds are chosen to be read by the whole community, preparing for the next rounds.
  • AMA Sessions: The community had 48 hours to read about these newly-formed guilds before entering an AMA session — or we prefer to call it the historic round table debate between Guild Masters. The community can address their concerns for future guild leaders.
  • Recruitment Day: The gate is officially open for Nekozens to choose their new homes. This marks the start of a new journey, open to many new possibilities from the community engagement perspective.

After the Establishment Week, a new item was added to the store, called Guild Switch Scroll, and priced at 500 ASF, allowing guild members to switch guild, or just simply leave the current one. Totally free of choice!

The Four Official Player-Established Guilds of Nekoverse

1/High Society:

  • Guild Master: Almighty. He is also the Realm Leader representing Foothill of Honor during The First Elemental Battle. This man is a legend among the Nekoverse community, known for his extraordinary leadership and diplomatic skills.
  • General Philosophy: The vision of High Society is to become the most prestigious guild in the Nekoverse and be a community every player wants to be a part of, whether they are new players or seasoned veterans.

2/God-Tier Clan:

  • Guild Master: LeonLKX. This man has been here since the early days. He used to be the most active member of this community before getting promoted to The Community Elder position. Nekoverse will never be the same without him.
  • General Philosophy: To be a partner of Nekoverse and help Nekoverse to educate new players in the future. Be a complimentary server for Nekoverse. Community Driven Guild!

3/Adventurer’s Guild:

  • Guild Master: Kronofogden — the chillest Guild Master. He is here to enjoy every aspect of the community and, in the future, the game with his guild members. No need to form complicated plans or calculations. Just pure enjoyment. As simple as that!
  • General Philosophy: The Adventurer’s Guild focuses on welcoming ALL players to join. This organization will focus on removing all the stress and pressure (if there’s any) when traveling through the world of Nekoverse in a regular gaming guild.

4/M.E.W (Mighty Era of Wisteria):

  • Guild Master: kyubisan. She is the Guild Master we all need to bring fresh approaches into a male-dominated field. From the proposal and her arguments at the AMA, she has shown us a perfect combination of a talented strategist and ambassador.
  • General Philosophy: M.E.W is a mid-core utility guild that values community above all else in the aspects of Support and Humility with concrete plans and organized hierarchical structure.


Guilds are considered the most important community-driven aspect of this server, as well as the future game. Guild Masters play a vital role in our plan — we value them as potential pillars of this community, and they shall have a vote towards any major decisions on this server. In the future, we will work closely with Guild Masters to expand more guild features and improve their operation. There are always opportunities to learn from each other in the process.



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