How to earn in Testnet: World Boss

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2 min readDec 19, 2022


Hi Nekozens, the Testnet is coming with HUGE prizes.

In the game, there is only 1 way to earn $ASG, by joining the World Events.

The World Event will include two game modes:

  • The Fatal Tower
  • The World Boss

There will be a reward pool in $ASG for Testnet players, we will snapshot the leaderboard of each event to reward the players when the Mainnet launch (Retro-active).

The $ASG you have in Nekoverse Testnet are just Testnet token and will be reset when Mainnet launch, it’s not real tokens and can not be converted to tokens. The Testnet lets players earn Testnet $ASG in the game so players can fully experience the game design, which can be spent to enhance & upgrade equipment.

So don’t be shy to use your Testnet $ASG to make your equipment stronger, this will help you compete with others in the Event. After all, your ranking in the Event will decide your reward in the Retro-active program in Mainnet.


The World Boss is the new game mode in which the whole server will hand-join to defeat the massive final boss. The prize will be determined using the weighted proportion of each player’s damage to the overall damage of all players.

The below example will demonstrate more detail about the reward system:
Imagine we have Player 1, Player 2 and Player 3 participate in the World Boss event and a 100,000 $ASG prize pool.

After the event session, we have the final result from each player:

- Player 1 dealt 7,000 damages to the event’s boss

- Player 2 dealt 2,000 damages to the event’s boss

- Player 3 dealt 1,000 damages to the event’s boss

=> We have the total damage dealt from all players = 10,000 damages

Now, Player 1 has dealt 7,000 damage = 70% of the total damage
=> Player 1 will be rewarded 70% of the reward pool = 70% x 100,000 $ASG = 70,000 $ASG

Apply the same with other players
=> Player 2 will be rewarded 20% of the prize pool = 20% x 100,000 $ASG = 20,000 $ASG
=> Player 3 will be rewarded 10% of the prize pool = 10% x 100,000 $ASG = 10,000 $ASG

This guarantee that everyone who joins the event has their fair share as they contribute to defeating the Boss.


The World Boss event requires players to have a World Boss Ticket to participate, 1 TICKET equals 1 ENTRY.

  • Participate in our community events and get rewarded with World Boss tickets.
  • There is a slight chance that players can claim World Boss tickets by grinding in the Testnet.

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