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Nekoverse: Elemental War
4 min readMar 21, 2022

Since the dawn of Nekoverse, we are blessed with a wholesome and supportive community that has helped us lay the founding bricks for a promising future. Some of you have stayed by our side since the very early days, and we want to champion the true believers of this project through an exclusive privilege that can only be earned by worthy community members — standing among members of the NekoDAO — @The Elite.

NekoDAO Official Logo — Author: Almighty


The Three Pillars

3 members shall be elected to receive the role @DAO Pillars. They are trusted Elites who can take charge of the administrative works in the DAO, ranging from gathering proposing ideas to holding vote polls. They can also directly raise the voice to the Nekoverse team on behalf of the DAO regarding important matters.


NekoDAO treasury wallet is initially funded with 50 SOL from the Nekoverse team. It continues to earn 20% of our constant stream of royalty income from every transaction made on the 2 Neko NFT collections: Origin Quad and Pancha Triad. The fund transfer shall be executed on the 5th of each month after the initial fund is executed.

The DAO treasury wallet will be public and can be kept track by the community here.

Wallet address: 7dRdhqF7re47DXNisUYmJ3sVKEsmqwi3VDUncb2oaWjZ

The DAO members have full authority over the decisions regarding this fund. Some of the suggested options are:

  • Stake the SOL and let it accumulate over time with APY
  • Invest in a blue-chip project and hold long-term
  • Mint bulk in a promising project
  • Sweep the Neko floor

The fund can even be distributed among DAO members. However, there are 2 rules to be followed:

  • The share of one member is correlated with the number of Neko NFTs that person holds at the time of the distribution.
  • The minimum balance must always be maintained at 50 SOL, including the value of NFTs.


The sole reason why we want to form a DAO at this early developing stage is to champion the OGs in the most deserved way. DAO can only be accessible once a Nekozens have proven to be worthy. There are 2 main privileges:

  1. Claim the right to influence Nekoverse development process, whether it is a change in the community’s direction or an improvement in game design.
  2. Have control over the NekoDAO Treasury Wallet (which we will get into later in this article).


Proposing Ideas

Members of the NekoDAO are free to post any ideas or suggestions in the #nekodao-proposals channel. If a proposal meets the 20% quorum (defined by the number of thumbs-up reactions divided by member count), it will be posted in #nekodao-vote by DAO Elder.

Voting Mechanics

After an idea reaches the voting channel, all members of the DAO have some time to express their own opinions on the matter. The format can be simple yes/no questions or open-ended ones with various options to choose from. However, regardless of the format, in order to reach a consensus, all voting polls must follow a set of rules:

  • Quorum: 50% (again, defined by the number of votes divided by member count)
  • Differential: no less than 10% (defined by the difference between the top 2 most voted options)

For example, a proposal with 3 choices have a result like this:

Choice A: 10 votes (11.9%)

Choice B: 34 votes (40.5%)

Choice C: 40 votes (47.6%)

The top 2 options were B and C, which have a vote differential of less than 10%. Therefore, the proposal would not be approved even though it may satisfy the first requirement about the quorum.


Founding Phase

The main purpose of NekoDAO is to reward the OGs — early advocates of this project. Therefore, the initial members of this DAO will be selected on two criteria: Milestone Roles and Nekonomy Leaderboard.

  1. Milestone Roles: Having one of the following roles: Chest Lovers, Colonizers, Hunter, GOAT, OG Hunter & OG GOAT and owns at least 3 Neko NFTs. The only exception to be made is having roles from all 3 milestones and still own at least 1 Neko NFTs.
  2. Nekonomy Leaderboard: Since ASF balance is also a way to evaluate your contribution to the community since the introduction of Nekonomy, the top 20 people in terms of ASF balance will also enroll as official members of NekoDAO.

The full list of candidates qualified for @The Elite role can be viewed here.

Subsequent Enrollment

Any admission after the Founding Phase has to satisfy one and only one requirement: Reaching the 750,000 ASF milestone in balance. As stated above, ASF is one of the ways to demonstrate a member’s contribution to the community. Therefore, it’s the perfect measurement to prove one’s worth to stand among the OGs of Nekoverse.

Note that holding Neko is a mandatory requirement to be a NekoDAO member even after you pass the entrance. Whenever you lost your last owner roles, you will also lose your membership in NekoDAO.



Nekoverse: Elemental War

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