NekoDAO Initiation

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The Three Pillars


  • Stake the SOL and let it accumulate over time with APY
  • Invest in a blue-chip project and hold long-term
  • Mint bulk in a promising project
  • Sweep the Neko floor
  • The share of one member is correlated with the number of Neko NFTs that person holds at the time of the distribution.
  • The minimum balance must always be maintained at 50 SOL, including the value of NFTs.


  1. Claim the right to influence Nekoverse development process, whether it is a change in the community’s direction or an improvement in game design.
  2. Have control over the NekoDAO Treasury Wallet (which we will get into later in this article).


Proposing Ideas

Voting Mechanics

  • Quorum: 50% (again, defined by the number of votes divided by member count)
  • Differential: no less than 10% (defined by the difference between the top 2 most voted options)


Founding Phase

  1. Milestone Roles: Having one of the following roles: Chest Lovers, Colonizers, Hunter, GOAT, OG Hunter & OG GOAT and owns at least 3 Neko NFTs. The only exception to be made is having roles from all 3 milestones and still own at least 1 Neko NFTs.
  2. Nekonomy Leaderboard: Since ASF balance is also a way to evaluate your contribution to the community since the introduction of Nekonomy, the top 20 people in terms of ASF balance will also enroll as official members of NekoDAO.

Subsequent Enrollment




Nekoverse is a Solana-based, Massive Multiplayer Online RPG Play-to-Earn Game.

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Nekoverse is a Solana-based, Massive Multiplayer Online RPG Play-to-Earn Game.

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