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Nekoverse: Elemental War
5 min readSep 30, 2022


Dear Nekozens,

What a journey we have been together, from the Origin & Pancha mints to ICCO phases, and now Alpha Season. The initiation of Alpha Season has delivered one clear message: Nekoverse, though is still far from perfection, is coming to life. And it all happens thanks to our dear community.

The journey is about to take an epic turn. If you are part of the community, you will know the news of mainnet version coming out this year is not merely a rumor. Although there has not been an official announcement just yet, we can safely say things are going well on our side and we will soon be able to confirm an exact date for you.

To build up the hype towards its grand entrance, we give you Nekonomy 3.0.

And it is going to be EPIC.

Nekonomy 3.0

To briefly introduce again to newcomers, Nekonomy is an economic structure operating in our Discord server. Everything revolves around a token that we are all familiar with: Anima Spirit Fragment ($ASF).

To comprehensively explain Nekonomy 3.0, there are 4 key points in total and we are going through them one by one:

  1. Passive income for holder roles
  2. Activities to earn $ASF in Discord
  3. Compete in Fatal Tower League to earn even more $ASF
  4. What can $ASF buy in store?

Passive Income for Holder Roles


If you remember this command, you are a legend. Passive income for holders is back, but with some major changes to the role requirements: there is no longer different roles for Origin and Pancha collection.

  • @Nekowners — Hold at least 1 Neko NFT
    Earn 50 $ASF/ Day
  • @Neko Trainers — Hold at least 5 Neko NFTs
    Earn 250 $ASF/ Day
  • @Neko Masters — Hold at least 10 Neko NFTs
    Earn 750 $ASF/ Day
  • @Neko Legions — Hold at least 20 Neko NFTs
    Earn 2000 $ASF/ Day

Activities to Earn $ASF in Discord

The basic mechanic of Nekonomy is to reward the contribution of the community with $ASF. You can earn ASF just by participating in the below server’s activities:

  • Be active in #general-chat & #conqueror-chat. Spams are strictly forbidden. Each message should give you from 3 to 7 $ASF.
  • Follow our announcements and sneak peeks, you will be rewarded 20 $ASF for each reaction.
  • Interact with our Twitter. Each raid horde call can give you 1000 $ASF.
  • Participate in our weekly game nights with special prizes up to 15000 $ASF.
  • Attend regular livestream sessions and team AMA and try your luck to win giveaways in $ASF (and other in-game items).
  • And many other server activities including quests and contests. Huge reward pools are waiting for you.

Server Store

One of the most exciting part of Nekonomy 3.0 is that you can use $ASF to buy other assets like $SOL and NFTs.

1/ Buy $SOL packages with $ASF

Each week, there will be a certain stock of $SOL packages available in #store. The stock will be renewed at the beginning of next week.

  • 0.5 $SOL <> 79,999 $ASF
  • 1 $SOL <> 149,999 $ASF

2/ Buy NFT with $ASF
Our #store will also display some NFTs from the middle-end projects. They are available for purchase directly in $ASF for between 499,999 $ASF and 1,299,000 $ASF.

Each week we will add some fresh new NFTs to the store and have them announced in #new-items channel.

Fatal Tower League — A Way to Earn even more

The Alpha Season has brought the game to life, thanks to your participation and contribution, Nekozens. However, what’s the point of fighting if you can’t be declared the strongest?

Therefore, it’s time we find true Champions in the Nekoverse. Join the Fatal Tower League and rise above all!


Each Fatal Tower League will last for 1 week, beginning on Saturday and ending on Friday of the following week. For now, we will have 9 Leagues corresponding to the next 9 weeks.


The final leaderboard will be decided by adding points based on daily Fatal Tower results. The points given for each position is shown below:

  • 1st place: +5 pts
  • 2nd — 5th: +4 pts
  • 6th — 10th: +3 pts
  • 11th — 20th: +2 pts
  • 21st — 30th: +1 pts

On Friday, the final standing of Fatal Tower League will be decided by the total points accumulated throughout 7 days.


The final standing is broken down into 5 tiers with the following bounties:

  • Champion (1st): 75,000 $ASF
  • Diamond (2nd — 5th): 50,000 $ASF
  • Platinum (6th — 10th): 35,000 $ASF
  • Gold (11th — 20th): 20,000 $ASF
  • Silver (20th — 30th): 15,000 $ASF

Discord Server Re-construction

In order to make it easier for the community to follow their favorite activities without being bothered by unwanted pings, we have made some changes in the Discord server including channel relocation and new notify role system.

Please visit channel #get-roles in our Discord server to add 6 new roles to your profile collection:

  • @Game Updates: to receive updates regarding game feature
  • @Server Activities: to receive announcements of community’s events, game nights and contests
  • @Server Store: to receive updates when new items are added to the server store
  • @Livestream & AMA: to follow our livestream & AMA schedule
  • @Twitter Raiders: to follow raid calls on Twitter and win special rewards
  • @Giveaway: to get notified of our giveaway events for whitelist opportunities, NFTs and many more

That’s all about the direction of our community in the last quarter of this year. Now let’s heat up the ground, Nekozens!



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