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Dear our beloved Nekozens,

One of the core values that we at Nekoverse have been striving to deliver to our early supporters is a true gamers’ community. Because we understand that such technological evolution like blockchain, NFT or novel models like P2E can never ignore one simple principle of the gaming industry: player-experience first. And how can anyone call it a gamers’ community when there is a lack of a built-in financial system. That’s why we introduced The Nekonomy — an economic structure operating in our Nekoverse Discord server.

The main structure of Nekonomy

Everything revolves around Anima Spirit Fragment (or ASF) — the currency circulating in the system to make The Nekonomy alive. Each Nekozen has an account balance consisting of cash and a bank savings account. To interact with your fund, you need to access the Nekobank and use the following commands:

  • u!money - To check your ASF balance.
  • u!deposit <amount or all> - To send money from your cash wallet to the bank savings account to earn Yield.
  • u!withdraw <amount or all> - To withdraw ASF from your bank when needing the liquidity for the #store.

And of course, our Neko NFT holders should reside at the center of The Nekonomy and benefit the most from this system. There are two main perks for holding Neko NFTs: daily passive income and APY when staking ASF in your bank. Neko NFT holders can verify their wallets with us to be assigned with different owner’s roles based on the total number of NFTs in their possession. Currently, there are 6 tiers for owner’s roles, 3 for each collection:

Table 1. Origin Quad passive income and APY
Table 2. Pancha Triad passive income and APY

To claim the daily passive income and APY, you need to type the command u!collect-income in #nekobank. Note that the APY is only applied to ASF staked in your bank, so make sure to deposit all your money into the savings account before collecting the daily APY package.

From this point forward, there are only 2 main aspects left in The Nekonomy:

  1. What are the activities to Actively Earn ASF?
  2. What possibilities can you spend ASF for?

Let’s go through each bullet point one by one.

Ways to enrich yourself in The Nekonomy

There are various activities that a Nekozen can participate in to become financially affluent within our community.

1/The easiest and most effective way is to hold Neko NFTs in your wallet so they can generate daily passive income and APY for you. The more Nekos you possess, the better your financial situation (in ASF) is, so you can start chasing the Nekomerican Dream.

2/Being an active member in the Nekoverse Discord server. Chatting in #general-chat and #nekowner-chat will generate a random amount of ASF every few minutes. It is supposed to be a healthy method to promote sociability among our community members. So, time to introduce yourself and get to know more Nekozens!

3/Diligently doing work/slut/crime in #quick-cash channel to have the chance to earn a random amount of ASF for each activity. There is a chance you would be fined for your naughtiness. However, in the long run, the gain is always greater than the loss. The commands are:

  • Doing your u!work for 10 - 80 ASF (Max twice per day)
  • Committing a u!crime for 10 - 80 ASF (Max twice per day)
  • Working as a u!slut for 20 - 160 ASF (Max once per day)

4/Making creative content about the Nekoverse and spreading it on social media. Once per week, you can upload a maximum of 1 video, 1 artwork, and 1 meme on Twitter and post the screenshots in #contribution-proof to earn:

  • 600 ASF for Video
  • 400 ASF for Artwork
  • 200 ASF for Meme

All your contributions have to be approved by a moderator, so make sure you read our Creative Content Guideline carefully before commencing your work.

5/Inviting your friends to our Nekoverse Discord server, spreading our presence to your circle of relationships. For your first 20 REAL invites, you’ll earn 6000 ASF straight into your cash balance. So, let’s bring Nekoverse to the world!

6/Gambling your way to the top of the ladder in Nekosino — our own casino with a wide range of games to satisfy every gambling addict or open up opportunities for risk-takers. You need a Nekosino pass (available for 1000 ASF in the store or obtainable during our past Nekosino event) to access the casino.

7/Follow our Weekly Bonus Event to earn different additional benefits and perks each day:

  • Gossip Monday: Chat Income ASF Booster enabled (x300%).
  • Happy Labor Tuesday: You can do Slut/Crime/Work 3 times.
  • Wednesday Payday: +200 ASF Passive Income on top of your current rate.
  • Elemental Thursday: All members belonging to a Realm receive +250 ASF. If you do not understand what that means, head to #choose-your-realm and pick your elemental origin.
  • Black Friday: 10% discount on a random item in our store.
  • HODL Saturday: Nekowner + NekoTrainer + NekoMaster get boosted with x300% APY.
  • Sunnight — Game Night: Play games together in #game-night with rewards in ASF.

Possibilities for ASF utility

At the moment, there are two main kinds of item sold in our store:

  1. To buy NekoPet NFTs, which are our initial gifts for every Nekowner. They will be the traveling companions of your Neko in the future Nekoverse game and buff your Neko’s combat stats.
  2. Exclusive gateways for our future events. It could be as simple as the Nekosino pass to access the gambling zone, or as valuable as a 5-day-earlier breeding privilege.
  3. Currently, the most valuable item in our store is The Pancha Triad Neko Collection Whitelist Ticket, pricing at 25,000 ASF, because this is the only way you can actively earn a whitelist spot for our next NFT offerings.
  4. … and huge future privileges but we are not allowed to disclose this yet.

Our plan is to expand more and more options in the store, including a guild-exclusive item line and definitely access permissions to our future events.

We hope that you will like these initiatives, and we will update you more with progress about our project in the future on our Discord and Twitter.

Thank you so much for your incredible support, Nekozens!


The Nekoverse Team



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