Patch 1.1.4 Notes

Nekoverse: Elemental War
4 min readAug 22, 2022


“Another war is coming. This time, only the strong can survive.”

Welcome Nekozens! Another week with a major update has arrived to Nekoverse. Let’s dive deep into details with the newest changes in the game for Patch 1.1.4.


Fatal Tower

For quite some time we’ve been playing around with Neko bots guarding in Realm levels. In this new patch, we want to bring in a competitive aspect of any battle-based game, the ability to decimate other players, but more precisely, their representing team. Welcome to the reign of Fatal Tower!

New game mode added to the home screen

The Fatal Tower is an occasional event spawned at certain hour in Nekoverse, called Fatal Hour. This game mode allows players to register a team, take a floor and challenge others standing above you to climb to the top. Glory (and special rewards) await you at the top of the Tower!

Fatal Tower introduction and tutorial

Challenging another player means that you have the chance to fight their team. If you manage to defeat them, you will take over the rank of that player, and force him or her to be de-ranked.

During the Fatal Hour, every participant gets to select 3 representatives among all your Neko warriors and their equipped skill set. This team and their skills can’t be changed throughout the event.

Select Neko and their loadout before entering the Tower

Players can also check the battle history of their own and all the battles that change the order of the Tower above Rank 50. Study the strategy and prepare for the Fatal Hour!

View your battle history in Fatal Tower

Change Nickname

A must-have feature to accommodate the competitiveness aspect of Fatal Tower is to enable every player to choose their own identity in game. You can change your nickname displayed in game once on the home screen. Make sure you think hard about it before hitting the confirmation button. If you ever regret your decision in the future, don’t worry because there will be ways for you to change the name.

Change nickname user interface in game

EXP Boost Items

We understand that the last patch is a bit too difficult to level up your roster. Therefore, we introduce new ways to accelerate your progress by boosting experience points. The Elder Stones can be found in chests from post-battle reward or in-game shop:

  • Normal Elder Stone: Gives a Neko 1,000 EXP
  • Special Elder Stone: Gives a Neko 5,000 EXP
  • Ultimate Elder Stone: Gives a Neko 20,000 EXP

Meditating Between Battles

Players can now recover your lost energy in the pre-battle lobby, so no need to go back and forth with the Inventory.


  • Fixed a bug that wrongly displayed Neko as transparent object
  • Fixed a bug that made the game crash while loading
  • Fixed a bug where enemy’s skill change in the middle of the battle
  • Fixed a bug where enemy’s skills not shown up in the pre-battle lobby
  • Fixed a bug where the XP bar visual did not go up in the reward screen post-battle
  • Fixed a bug where some skill was not working correctly: Jungle Lullaby, Guardian’s Sign
  • Fixed a bug where game got stuck after certain skills took effect
  • Fixed a bug where the missed attack was still inflicted
  • Fixed a bug that caused Neko came back to life after death
  • Fixed a bug where some Neko images were wrongly displayed as other Neko
  • Fixed a bug where only Neko showing up in the battlefield without consumables, motion in battle or any other information
  • Fixed a bug that caused it difficult to click on the Skill Card Chest in shop
  • Fixed a bug that caused chests not being able to be opened or doubling the amount of items when clicking twice
  • Fixed a bug that caused repeated sound or playing two music themes at the same time
  • Fixed a bug where some Neko not showing up after connecting wallet
  • Fixed a bug where some skills didn’t have description or have wrong description: Mud Gush, Abolition Spikes, Rumble Slam, Restorative Domain



Nekoverse: Elemental War

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