Patch 1.1.6 Notes

Nekoverse: Elemental War
3 min readSep 19, 2022


Good day, Nekozens! The Alpha test has been an interesting journey with so many bugs, ideas, and updates. We are grateful for the passionate support from the dear community. Today, welcome you all to Patch 1.1.6, and here are all the detailed changes you need to know.


  1. Patch 1.1.6 will be the last update until our Mainnet arrives. (Estimated time: December 2022)
    According to the Chief’s plan, after Patch 1.1.6, all resources will be concentrated on upgrading and refining the core gameplay to prepare for the deployment of the Mainnet version.
    But that’s not all! We are going to bring in a totally new UI to Nekoverse. Stay tuned for the upcoming teasers.
  2. New feature testing.
    Although Patch 1.1.6 is the last update before Mainnet, future features will still be uploaded to our test server. We will invite some members of our community to try out these features and gather their feedback.
  3. Continuous bug fix.
    The bug detecting and fixing process will still go on. Your feedback is welcome all the time. If you spot any problem, please don’t hesitate to submit the form in #game-feedback.


Passive Skill

In the upcoming Patch 1.1.6, we will be introducing a new feature: Passive Skill - A collection of skill sets that have their effect activated automatically in battle. With this update, it’s time for new strategies and tactics to be developed and optimized, welcome to the glorious era for true war artists.

A total of 17 Passive skills will be introduced in Nekoverse’s battle, these skills can also be learned by claiming Skill Cards in Skill Chests.

Passive Skill details:
1. Passive Skills can be learned by using a Skill Card on your Neko.
2. Passive Skill activation: each Passive skill has a unique effect and condition to activate.
3. Each Passive Skill will take one slot in Neko’s skill set just like regular skills.
4. There are 6 power tiers for Passive Skill: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Mythic, Legendary, Heroic. The higher the skill’s tier, the stronger the skill’s effect will be.

Guide Book

A new feature that will also appear in Patch 1.1.6 is Guide Book: a library storing all the wisdom of Nekoverse’s war masters for generations.


New players now can easily join the Nekoverse with our beginner’s tutorial experience. No more worries needed!

Gameplay Tutorial
Gameplay Tutorial

Bug Fixing:

Patch 1.1.6 will find 3 bugs fixed:

  1. iOS crash has been fixed.
    Dear Nekozens, our dev team’s endless effort has finally paid off. Nekoverse is now ready again for players on iOS.
    We would like to show our sincere apology to iOS Nekozens for making you all wait for quite a time. Also, we would like to thank you all for your support and patience.
  2. Fixed a bug where skill Volt of Intervention did not show the correct mana cost after the upgrade.
  3. Fixed a bug that caused players cannot click any realms to enter the battle.



Nekoverse: Elemental War

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