The Development Chronicle (April 2022)

Nekoverse: Elemental War
9 min readApr 7, 2022


Dear Nekozens,

First of all, our team wants to thank all of you — our loyal community — for the outstanding support we’ve received from you over the previous weeks. You’ve helped Nekoverse surpass 51k Twitter followers and 64k Discord members. We’re delighted to have such a supportive community behind us.

We’ve been really busy working on the project since our public sale. Over 30 individuals are presently working to make Nekoverse one of the most popular play-to-earn games ever on Solana.


1. Game process

1.1 Gameplay

We’re building Nekoverse to be a fantasy MMORPG that features a sandbox gameplay environment, and a turn-based, skill-based combat system, with freedom of characters customization. The game runs entirely on a player economy. Players can transact and own all assets in the game by using the in-game currency.

Instead of the old system used by most MMORPGs where players at the beginning will have to choose their role or class before participating in the game. The missions in the game and how strong you are when fighting with other teams or monsters will depend a lot on the character you choose. In Nekoverse, you will not need to choose a role in advance like in other MMORPGs. Players will be the ones to directly customize their team, and equip items for each Neko to be free to participate in the game under many different roles. For example, if you have an all-Fire team but you still want to participate in the game with more defensive gameplay, you can absolutely buy defensive items and equip your Fire Nekos.

Being good at the game is more dependent on your skills as a gamer than your gears. Each gaming mode will require a different strategy, and players can diversify their team lineup to have a better chance of winning. Players use their Neko characters to battle PvE or PvP in various modes: 1vs1, 3vs3, Tournaments, Team Combat, Boss Raid,… So if players want to earn more in the game, they must have a good strategy and decent skills to increase the chance of dropping valuable rewards from winning.

Each Neko has 14 rarity traits. Each trait and its rarity contributes to a Neko base stats. The rarity traits give a bonus to the combat stats of each Neko. It is calculated based on the following formula:

Stats = Base + IV + EV

Base = Base stats + Bonus by rank + Bonus by rarity traits

IV = Passive + Nature + Type + Gen

EV = Level up + Type bonus + Class bonus + Free bonus

The battle system is one of the core gameplay in Nekoverse. It is a turn-based, skill-based combat style, in which players bring their Neko into combat with the purpose of defeating every opponent. For example in PvE, gameplay allows players to enjoy the compelling lore of Nekoverse, fighting monsters to conquer each realm. The PvE system is designed for the completion of 150 days.

While the battle system is easy to get started, mastering the combats will require a profound understanding of different factors: Elements, Stats, Skills, Levels, types of Equipment, and Consumables. The game has a flexible skill tree where players can progress any class they want and switch between them however they like. The element will determine the boost/debuff the Neko will receive when facing another Neko of different elements. The detail about the skill tree will be updated in the upcoming updated medium post.

Now, let’s have a look at the game’s core loop to see how it works.

On the map, you can choose between using your Neko to participate in Mining mode or Battle mode to be able to earn rewards. The more you win in battle, the more regions on the map you will unlock and increase the reward for each win. Furthermore, the more battles your Neko engages in, the higher their level and capacity to upgrade skill power will be. The reward from winning in battle mode will be items that you can equip on your Neko to increase Neko’s power parameters.

Also, do you remember the adorable pets we airdropped to Neko holders? They are not simply for the sake of beauty. In both Batte and Mining modes, you may bring them in. Pets in Battle mode boost the stats of the whole Neko team and, depending on the type of pet, can aid attack or heal injured Nekos. With Mining mode, pets will help increase Neko’s farming speed. For example, 3 Neko will need 4 hours to mine out 1 piece of item, then with the help of pets, it will only take 3 hours to mine the same one. Multiple item pieces will be able to combine into 1 complete item. You can sell items on the marketplace to earn $ASG or use them for Neko in battle mode.

1.2 Game storyline

As for the story in the game, we are still in the process of perfecting the story of each character, and each species in the game. All activities in the game such as exploring the lands, wars, invasions, or mining resources in the game are part of the plot. We want to bring the best experience to the players and one of the most important factors for players to be able to really immerse themselves and stick with the game will be the story behind the character that the player chooses.

Now, let’s talk about the Land of Nekoverse.

Neko Land Creation:

  • The Creator established a nation in Elemental Realms called Neko Land. The nation contains 4 elemental tribes, residing in a part of their corresponding elemental realms, and a royal city, the residents of the Royal Family, in charge of managing the Neko Land.
  • Neko Land residents rely on Chaos Remedy Potion to maintain their lifeforce, preventing overload from energy C — the energy that gives strength to Planet A. Eventually, energy C will deplete all the life energy of planet A, the planet will die, and energy C’s core will move on to other planets to continue feeding off their life energy. The Chaos Remedy is managed and distributed by the Royal City.
  • The Creators also utilized the energy of the core to create 4 elemental totems, each placed in each tribe to protect them from the effects of energy C. 4 strongest Neko warriors from each Elemental Tribes, the Legendary Heros are assigned the tasks of protecting the totems to ensure long-lasting peace in the land.

(*Energy C is the name that will be voted by a contest for the community to set)

In the upcoming trailer, all you guys will soon get to know the first details about the story in the game. We will show the first images of the lands, the origin of each Neko tribe, and the chaos unfolding in the Nekoverse.

1.3 Game Design

1.3.1 Animation

Right from the start, we talked a lot about giving players the most realistic experience in Nekoverse. And to do that, we have been working very carefully and meticulously with each animation in the game. For example, in the first stage when animating Neko, the movements and steps must be of the best quality.

All of Neko has a total of 666 traits and we have scheduled 6 animation phases in order to complete that creation. Now we’re excited to show up our first update in phase 1. Nekozens, it’s time for you guys to see the first-appearance animations of Neko.

1.3.2 Game prototype

Besides the initial steps in the animation design of lovely Nekos, we are also rushing to complete the first frames so that you can somewhat imagine the Nekoverse world that we are trying to create for all you guys — Nekozens. Here are some of them.

- Nekoverse maps:

- Battle mode line-up and in-game parameters:

- Picking Nekopet:

- Neko’s in-game stats and skills:

However, since this is just a beta, there will be many updates and changes in the future.

1.3.3 Monsters in Nekoverse

Each land in the Nekoverse will have different types of mysterious monsters that stand in the way of the player’s exploration of new lands. There will be a total of 56 types of monsters and for now, we have completed the graphic design of half of them. Just like Neko, different types of monsters will have different strengths and weaknesses. For example, the fire-type Neko will weaken when attacking monsters spawned in water.

2. Partnership and collabs

- PowderHeroes — a team that builds the camera of the Metaverse. PowderHeroes have transformed short gaming highlights into iconic NFTs, their mission is to enable content creators to explore a new way of monetizing and connecting with their communities, and NFT enthusiasts to collect culturally-significant moments — from gaming history.

- Ancient 8 — largest blockchain gaming guild in Vietnam. These three pillars are the driving force behind their development of several Web3 toolkits to reach, educate, and empower the next 100 million citizens of the Metaverse. Members of the Ancient 8 guild are also members of Nekoverse and we love all of your enthusiasm.

- Mana Games — P2P Esports Challenges and Tournament Platform where you can create, compete and earn rewards or cash prizes.

- Salad Ventures — a team that builds and catalyzes ecosystems that form the foundation of the play-to-earn economy in the future. Their pillars provide platforms for opportunities to empower growth for players and investors alike.

- IBCDAO — They are a community-funded DAO working towards creating passive income opportunities by investing in Metaverse PlaytoEarn & NFTs like Nekoverse. So happy to be one of the partners of IBCDAO.

- Dreem — is a metaverse where people who belong to a community can give rise to their very own meta economy. Dreem has tools to easily create, design, form, and govern their own realms.

- Solscan — the leading explorer on the Solana ecosystem. They provide a wide range of tools to assist Solana users in making sense of what happens in the Solana blockchain. It will be so helpful to support our Nekoverse community whenever something wrong with the Solana blockchain happens.

- Unmarshal — Blockchain data indexer and API provider. Nekoverse collaborates with Unmarshal’s Integration experts to create the precise data response and format. Unmarshal transforms blockchain data so that it may be queried as needed.

3. Discord stats

Since the public sale of collection 1: Origin Quad, we still haven’t had time to update you on how far we’ve come. In just three months, the community’s membership has grown by 21k persons, a 50 percent rise over January and a 65 percent increase over February.

Furthermore, many new individuals have joined the project’s discord since mid-February, and the number is continually growing. The number of users who have been on Discord for more than a month is growing at a rate of 5–10% every week. We wouldn’t have been able to do this without the assistance of you, Nekozen. We are building a sustainable and cohesive community by routinely connecting with new members and answering their inquiries.

In particular, the average amount of communications per member has remained constant at 58 messages per person. The number of other discord servers is 6 times larger than the average.

Once again, thanks for the amazing support! We will continuously update the latest information about the project on Medium as well as on our Discord and Twitter.

Lastly, a big thank you to everyone who joined us on this exciting journey: our active discord members, Twitter contributors, and also everyone else in the Nekoverse family.



Nekoverse: Elemental War

Nekoverse is MMORPG Play-to-Own Game built on Solana. Nekoverse offers a full Player-driven economy in which value is created & returned to players.