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6 min readJun 27, 2022


Dear Nekozens,

We’ve been building and growing together for the last 7 months, and I have never been prouder to have decided to begin the project with the community-first approach. Therefore, I would like to say thank you to our holders, our community members, and our partners for always showing support to the team and to Nekoverse.

First thing first, I would like to give you guys some updates:

Since mint, our team has been working 24/7 on product development, and we’re continuously expanding the team to deliver all the milestones. We’ve scaled to 47 people in the team, with most new members joining the product team to increase the development effort.

And during the last month, we have been able to launch out the new version of Neko Wallet as well, focusing much more on Web3 Gaming & NFT experience. In case you haven’t checked out Neko Wallet, make sure to give it a try here. The intuitive and smoothness will blow your mind ;)

For Nekoverse, we’re in full gear preparing for for first batch of Alpha Season. It’s going to be a private access to the early version of the battle system for our community.

Most importantly, in this article I would like to share with your our plan for the future, taking a closer look into our roadmap for this year.

Revisit the macro situation

With the situation of the macro market approaching bear territory, we had to make decisions to adapt to the environment, previously discussed in our internal AMA, involving pushing back some of the milestones such as token offering, and breeding, and the launch of the battle system will take place entirely on testnet. Our community has been super supportive with these decisions, thank you, our beloved Nekozens.

BUT, bear markets do NOT stop builders. I have tweeted about our mindset before and want to state this again, we will continuously experiment, reinvent, and make bold steps to achieve our goals and deliver values in a sustainable way.

With that in mind, I’m excited to announce our way forward, our execution plan for this year.

Roadmap Q3-Q4 2022

  • Official Cinematic Trailer
  • Nekoverse Web 3.0
  • Beta Marketplace
  • Alpha Season: First Batch
  • Marketplace Module: Raffle Features
  • Neko Temple — Staking Portal
  • Alpha Season: Second Batch
  • Expedition System
  • Graveyard System
  • Governance Mining ($NVS)
  • PvP Mode

The way forward consists of three important pillars:

  • New Token Launch Model: NFT-bonded Token Offering
  • Building New Utilities and Experience
  • The Alpha Season

1. Nekoverse Token Launch: NFT-bonded Token Offering

The traditional way of launching game tokens through public offerings is broken. Here’s why:

  • Public offering basically means suddenly injecting a fixed amount of tokens to the market through a form of public sales (ICO, IDO, IEO,…). For project underdevelopment, it creates heavy imbalance between demand and supply because the main utilities of a token is for the product.
  • So to ensure a successful token launch, most other projects prioritize marketing and attracting token traders instead of users of the tokens going after its utility.
  • This creates a misalignment of incentives between the project and the token holders, who are mostly traders. Ultimately, it creates a lot of volatility in token value on the secondary market.

So, we decided to get rid of this model, COMPLETELY, which means we’ll not hold any public sales for any of our tokens ($ASG & $NVS). Instead, we create a new model for token offering that facilitates gradual token emission and more importantly, is closely tied with our NFTs and our utility. We call it NFT-bonded Token Offering (trademark it, pls).

Here’s how it works:

The circulating supply of our tokens will begin at 0, and emissions of new token to the circulating supply will be only available through:

  • Neko Temple — NFT Staking Platform: Stake your Origin or Pancha Neko to earn $ASG.
  • Governance Mining Program: $NVS will be distributed through contributing to $ASG liquidity pool and yield farming the resulting LP tokens.
  • Graveyard System: We’re going tease out a bit of Chaos Land experience. With the Graveyard system, you can “burn” your Genesis Neko by sending it to the graveyard. You’ll lose ownership of that Neko, but get a lump sum of $ASG in return. This helps create scarcity for Origin and Pancha Neko by reducing the circulating supply.

We’ll start with the Staking Platform with and start with $ASG tokens and start rolling out utility for to spend $ASG as well. Further details about each of the above mechanics will be released in their own Medium article so stay tuned!

So how this model benefits our ecosystem?

  • Build values of Genesis Neko: Increase demand for Neko through Staking, and make it the main emission mechanics because there will be no public offering. Plus, circulating supply of Nekos will also be reduced through the Graveyard.
  • Sustainable value growth for $ASG & $NVS: The growth of circulating supply for our tokens will be gradual, which is more compatible with the demand growth through increasing utility as we launch new features.
  • Reward current Neko Holders: Our NFT holders directly benefit from the rewards from staking and increased in demand for their Nekos and the token they hold. So, HODL away my dear Nekozens! 💪💪💪

2. New Utilities & Experience:

Now that we got token emission model down, token utility is the next important piece.

We’re adding more utilities to Nekoverse and $ASG that were not previously included in our roadmap.

  • Our own Marketplace: The new web update will come with our own marketplace, where you can buy and sell not only Nekos, but all futures assets of Nekoverse. Together with the marketplace will be the Raffle function where you can purchase tickets to enter raffles for WL, NFTs, items, even Nekos ;)
  • Expedition System: Assemble your team of Nekos and spend $ASG to send them on expedition to discover a myriad of rewards: items usable in-game, special events items, more $ASG, or even tame wild pets,… Oh there will be a secret items that grant you HUGE perks in our land sales later on in the future. Get ready for some adventure in Nekoverse!!!
  • Graveyard Revival: You can spend $ASG to revive Nekos that has been sent to the Graveyard by others. Get a little taste of being a Necromancer and build your horde of Nekos!!

And many more others cooking in the Labs, but still too early to announce. ;)

3. Good games take continuous feedbacks and improvement: The Alpha Season

The Alpha Season allows early access to the battle system of Nekoverse on testnet. The purpose of this early access is for us to gather more data & feedback to improve the battle system of Nekoverse and continuously test out new features (you might notice some being updated gradually). And of course, our Neko Owners and the participants in this early access will be rewarded throughout the Alpha Season! So get ready to jump into the world of Nekoverse and make a great game together!!

It’s been a long read, really appreciate you guys for always showing your support all the way. With this article, I hope it has provide more clarity on the way forward. Let’s make Nekoverse the greatest community-driven ever!!!



Nekoverse: Elemental War

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