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The philosophy of a community-driven metaverse is embedded in the core identity of Nekoverse, through the player-led economy structure, Guild system,… It also reflects in our community building approach, when we introduced the Nekonomy, a system that fairly rewards contributors to Nekoverse development. And this time, we want to take another step further, by introducing a whole new model of token offering for the $ASG token: the Initial Community Contribution Offering (ICCO).

This innovation is able to convey our intention right from the start: Nekoverse is built by gamers, for gamers. Players, owners of Nekos, contribute to the development of Nekoverse, and get rewarded with $ASG for them to be able to spend in-game.

What is ICCO?

Initial Community Contribution Offering (ICCO) is the first of its kind token offering model that is created by and catered specifically to Nekoverse. The core concepts concerning ICCO include:

  1. Contribute-to-Earn System
  2. Pseudo Token: Anima Spirit Fragment ($ASF)
  3. On-chain Token: Anima Spirit Gem ($ASG)
  4. Conversion Mechanic between Pseudo Token & On-chain Token

Contribute-to-Earn System:

What is Contribute-to-Earn?

The name is self-explanatory: by contributing to Nekoverse development through various mechanics, you will be able to earn real monetary value.

Core Components of Nekoverse’s Contribute-to-Earn System:

a. Nekonomy:

Nekonomy is the backbone of the contribute-to-earn system, acting as the economic framework that evaluates and fairly rewards who makes contribution to the community through various activities: chatting in Nekoverse Discord, participating in activities (AMA, quests, contests,…), and engaging in in-Discord game (Nekosino, Gartic, Trivia,…)

b. Quests:

Quests are activities that allow members of Nekoverse community to complete and earn $ASF. There are two types of quests:

  • Recurring Quests: Create user-generated contents such as Video, Artworks, Meme
  • One-off quests: event-based activities and anything fun thing you can imagine :)

c. Guild System:

Guilds are the driving force of engagement and community bonding in Nekoverse. By allowing members of our community to form Guilds right within our Discord, we can enable Guilds to run their own events (missions, activities, contests,), and support new members as well as their guild members in various aspects (tips & tricks in earning $ASF, get support from the $ASF Guild Treasury,…)

In Guild Establishment Week, our community has officially formed 4 community-run Guilds: God-tier Clan, Adventurer’s Guild, High Society, M.E.W (Mighty Era of Wisteria). The Guilds will be sub-DAOs of Nekoverse, and have their own purpose and strategy of growth. They have their own self-governed zones in our Discord (just like how they will have self-governed lands in the main game), and many of them have their own Discord Server for sub-DAO operations.

d. Profession System:

The Profession System is how we kickstart the community-driven development process.

There are 3 roles that our community members can acquire to start working on developing Nekoverse together with us:

  • The Artists: Contribute artworks of any kinds (promotion, characters, NPCs, concept arts, derivatives pfp)
  • The Storytellers: Contribute stories, writing side-lore, character lores, world lores,…
  • The Connectors: An ambassador of Nekoverse at your local community to gather people who share the same passion for gaming and NFT

All the contributions will be evaluated by the Nekoverse Team and rewarded with $ASF in corresponding amounts based on their quality.

We meant it when we said Nekoverse is built by gamers, for gamers from day one. The gamers are not only us — Nekoverse developers but also all of your beloved community members. Therefore, the contribute-to-earn mechanics are designed to encourage and reward community contribution, allowing our players to own not just the game assets (NFTs & tokens), but also the story and the development of the game itself. With the Contribute-to-Earn system, we are able to officially make Discord a part of the Nekoverse game itself, allowing people to start engaging and earning before the main game release. By contributing to Nekoverse development through various mechanics, you will be rewarded with $ASF, which translates to $ASG through the ICCO model.

Pseudo Token: Anima Spirit Fragment ($ASF)

$ASF is the Pseudo Token because it exists only in our Discord server. It is Discord currency that you can earn by being active in the server, owning Neko NFT, and contributing to the community in various activities. It is the backbone of a system that fairly rewards active and contributing members of our community. $ASF can be converted to $ASG through ICCO token offering model.

On-chain Token: Anima Spirit Gem ($ASG)

$ASG is Nekoverse official in-game token that exists on-chain and can be traded on exchanges, both CEX & DEX. $ASG's main utility is to be used as in-game currency in various activities, battle rewards, crafting, buy/sell items,…

Conversion Mechanic between Pseudo Token & On-chain Token

Eligibility: In order to be eligible for the $ASG distribution, you need to be Nekowners (hold at least 1 Neko NFT in your wallet and get verified in our Discord server). Since we want to distribute $ASG to those that will actually use them in its intended purpose as the official in-game currency: the Nekowners — the Players.

Conversion & Distribution Mechanics:

  • $ASG Pool: A pool of $ASG will be allocated for the distribution (TBA).
  • All ASF balances of Nekowners will be snapshot at a specific time (TBA).
  • The total of all Nekowners’ balances will be added together to get the total balance of the $ASF pool. Then, each Nekowners’ weighted ownership (%) of the $ASF pool will be calculated.
  • $ASG will be airdropped accordingly to the ownership % determined above at a specific date (TBA).


  • $ASG Pool for ICCO: 1,000,000 $ASG
  • Total 4 Nekowners: A, B, C, D


The way Nekoverse has been formed and grew is very distinct: from the introduction of the Lost Chests as early growth ignition to the introduction of Nekonomy and community involvement in the development progress. Existing token offering models do not reflect the community-driven aspect of Nekoverse, since they do not have a mechanism that fairly evaluates the contributions of each individual within the community. Thus, our team creates ICCO, an innovation specifically designed for Nekoverse to capture and redistribute the value created by the community. This token offering model is able to evaluate the level of contribution of each individual within the community and fairly distribute $ASG based on that evaluation, ensuring a truly fair launch of the token.

Advantages of ICCO:

  • Sustainability: Since the tokens will be allocated to contributors of Nekoverse, the tokens will be in the hands of people that have genuine interests in the development of the project, increasing the quality of the token holder base. And consequently, this facilitates more sustainability in terms of token price when released to the public.
  • Fair Launch: The ICCO model takes into account the level of contribution to Nekoverse by taking into account how much $ASF each individual holds. Thus, the model ensures a true fair launch of the tokens, with the amount of $ASG received being proportionate to the amount of contribution each person puts in.
  • Benefits for NFT Holders: ICCO creates a tightly interconnected system of NFT economy & token economy. Because $ASG will be allocated proportionately to the amount of $ASF each person has, the NFT Holders now have more benefits since different tiers of Neko NFT Holders have their own $ASF income (Please see Nekonomy Explained for more information concerning different tiers of NFT Holders).
  • Enabling the Contribute-to-Earn model: By enabling the conversion between $ASF and $ASG, ICCO basically makes the community building phase & Discord a part of the Nekoverse game. People can engage in an MMORPG style Discord with guilds, professions, quests, contests, events, and contribute to the development of the main game itself through the profession system. This innovation allows our community to have a good time while bonding and growing the Discord server, meanwhile still earning from all the interactions.


TLDR: Buy a Neko, join our Discord at discord.gg/nekoverse, start grinding $ASF by participating in our activities and you’ll earn $ASG.



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