Pancha Triad Neko Holder’s Privileges

Our Pancha Triad Neko NFT Collection sold out on March 7th. It’s time to onboard new Nekowners with a series of exclusive perks and privileges for holders.

The first incentive has already been kicked off a few hours after the release of Pancha Triad collection: passive income and APY.

To put things in perspective, we also include the income rate for Origin Quad holders in this article. Both collections — Origin Quad and Pancha Triad — can be divided into 3 holder tiers: Owner, Trainer, and Master.

Table 1. Origin Quad Neko passive income and APY
Table 2. Pancha Triad Neko passive income and APY

To claim the daily passive income and APY, you need to type the command u!collect-income in #nekobank. Note that the APY is only applied to $ASF staked in your bank, so make sure to deposit all your money into the savings account before collecting the daily APY package.

$ASF can be used to purchase items in our Nekonomy, or accumulated for the ICCO, which basically allows Nekowners to convert $ASF to $ASG — our in-game on-chain token.

More perks coming out next week! To keep up with important announcements, join our Discord:



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